Visitor Centre

The Wetland Ilene Visitor Centre is located at Ilene Nature Reserve in Tønsberg. Open days with free activities are arranged here, and educational programs are offered for schools and kindergartens. The centre is located in buildings that were once a tenant farm associated with Jarlsberg Manor.

The program for open Sundays can be found on the center's website All events are announced on the Centre's Facebook pages.

Schools and kindergartens can receive free nature guidance and educational programs adapted to the school curriculum. Schools and kindergartens can also use the centre on their own by appointment.

The season lasts from mid-April until the school holidays in late June, and from the start of school at the beginning of August and through October. Read more about the programs here: and

From the centre of Tønsberg you can follow the path ‘Grevestien’ (‘the path of the count’) from the pier to the centre. You can also park at Korten or by the Auli river and follow the path ‘Grevestien’ from there. NB! The road to the Centre is closed with a barrier, and driving to the Centre is only allowed if you are disabled or by appointment. (see map below).

It is possible to rent the Centre. Read more about renting on

Welcome to an oasis of adventure!

"Learning about the birds' behavior and food menu is educational and fun."
Photo: Fylkesmannen

Barnacle Goose Branta leucopus. "Large herd grazing in front of the bird tower. The bird tower was opened in 1989 and is visited annually by several thousand people."
Photo: Erik Bleken

"Catching and ringing birds is a popular feature on open days. All trapping and ringing is carried out by authorised ringers."
Photo: Fylkesmannen

A selection of photos from the visitor center - click on the photo for a larger version.

Here you will find the Visitor Centre at Ilene

As many as 83% of the world's wetlands have disappeared since 1700. The most important causes are land conversion, cultivation and reforestation.